As the business owner or manager you know that your employees are your most valuable asset. Without their work and dedication your business could come to a halt.  Preventing accidents, injuries and ill health caused by work should be a priority for everyone. Making sure that you offer proper safety products and supplies is not always enough. COYS offers an array of Safety and Health training.

Organizational Health

A fast track to performance improvement

The focal thought fundamental our hierarchical work for as far back as decade has been that the most ideal approach to maintain a business is to adjust transient execution and long haul wellbeing.

Solid organizations, we know, drastically outflank their friends. The confirmation is solid—the top quartile of traded on an open market organizations conveys about multiple times the profits to investors as those in the base quartile—so solid, without a doubt, that we’ve nearly come to underestimate it.

Occupational Safety & Health

Rules and Processes

Occupational safety and health (OSH) issues were at first seen as for the most part specialized issues that required specialized arrangements. Afterward, hierarchical issues were perceived as being critical, and all the more as of late, human components, social and authoritative culture issues have been distinguished as being important.

Incident Investigation

Prevent Future Risk

Workplace Incident Investigation — casualty, damage, sickness, or near calamity—gives managers and laborers the chance to recognize risks in their activities and weaknesses in their security and wellbeing programs. In particular, it empowers businesses and laborers to distinguish and execute the restorative activities important to avert future episodes.

Technical Safety Certification

Application Assistance

Grounded in genuine experience. Directed autonomously. Regarded industry-wide. It guarantees your organization and partners that you are altogether grounded in procedure wellbeing practice and have the experience and learning they look for. This thorough affirmation process confirms your competency in the most recent procedure security apparatuses and systems. Your yearly restoration, which incorporates a proceeding with instruction necessity, serves to demonstrate your continuous capability. It’s the one affirmation each procedure wellbeing proficient requirements.