About Coys

training & consultation

COYS was established as purveyors of training & consultation by our CEO, Chandra Abdullah, who is driven to deliver value in all aspects of an organization with Learning and Skills development being the heart of improvement.

COYS Affluence has been conducting analysis, coaching and training for organizations across the region and assisted them on implementing processes and eliminating wastage while ensuring quality is not compromised throughout. We have always believe that each individuals carries value towards their organization. Hence, the development of each employees are quintessential.

COYS provides consultations and training specializing in Process Leadership, Business Skills and Workplace Safety. We have also ventured into Commercial skills development programs for graduates, certification for non-executive roles, Leadership and Soft Skills programs partnering with HRDF. Our team of trainers are highly competent to bring out the best in our customers’ team.

COYS also provides support services to Multi National Companies in their learning and development needs. Our specialized team play the role of an external procurement center to manage the training needs of huge workforce in Malaysia while providing regular support to international clients as well. Our business model helps the learning arm of organizations to operate in a lean structure, increasing while bringing down the cost.

Apart from providing services to MNCs, COYS is also collaborating with one of the Universities that is ranked highly not only here in Malaysia but also considered one of the best in South East Asia. The collaboration focuses on adding more values towards the students’ knowledge and capabilities other than what they have learned in class.

COYS aims to upskill and increase people efficiency of our local talents by working with certification bodies to add value to our local manpower as well as driving the national agenda of reducing external workforce. It also helps to reduce and eliminate downtime which is as a key factor in any  industries.